2015 foal gallery

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2015 foal Photo Gallery

 We are expecting 8 foals this year! ONE MARE HAS JUST SOLD IN FOAL!

Pictured below will be the foals as they  are born. We will have easy payout reduced price before weaning and deposit will hold.  No board charges, and foal will be handled, fed,  dewormed and will be friendly as well as started leading, and tie training. The foals are gentle due to frequent interaction and will have coggins and health cert. for travel. All other exams are welcome at buyers expense.

Keep checking back to see them as they are born, and prices will be posted after testing is done. WE will have 5 panels done as needed, as sire and dams are tested some are automatically negative. The testing will be on a few singles who have one genetic disorder from the dam or sire.  The other testing will be for homozygous status.

WE will update photos as much as possible. All foals will be registered.

thanks for looking!!!

sire and dam pictured to the left, foals picture will be posted on the right. 

Click on the  foals photo to see the pedigrees.


We have ONLY ONE FOAL LEFT FOR SALE!!!! Check out the red dun filly. see her current picture on the available horses page.

Rawhide Dunnit X MOSU Nu dixie Chex : foaled 2/15 Grullo colt! perfection in every way a keeper

____________________________________________________ RAwhides Nu Chex - pending: Rawhide Dunnit X mosu Nu Dixie Chex : AQHA: Grulla-. 5 panel negative. carries one red gene. My keeper@!!!

smart little cita

_______________________________________________________________ $$$$$$$$$ CSS Treasure my amigo: APHA- bay tobiano double homozygous black and tobiano , one bay, negative 5 panel, but GBED one time. . Born 3/11 for sale. sold to a great home!!!!.

Rawhide Dunnit X Winnie Lil Highbrow ; due 2/28, chance for black and grulla. Hoping for grulla

_____________________________________________________ $$$ SOLD SOLD SOLD! Rawhide X Duelly - AQHA: 5 panel negative. both parents are negative. Black colt foaled 3/9. SOLD!!

Treasure My Color X MIsty Delta : due- 03/10 black or bay tobiano guaranteed

________________________________________________________SOLD!! $$$$$$$ css Treasured Delta: APHA:- 5 panel negative VIS parents. bay tobiano. Will make a super Speed horse or rodeo events! foaled 3/25 a nice big bay tobiano colt! $1200.00 sales With gelding contract.SOLD~!

Treasure my Color X Dressed to the Tens : due 03/17 SOLD IN FOAL

____________________________________________________ $$$$$$$ SOLD!! Treasure X Dot - APHA: Foaed 3/18 awesome bay tobiano. Lot of leg and style. Will be an english or WP horse,. Sire is negative all the way for 5 panel. Foal sold In -utero, with mare!.

Tiger Stripe Peppy X Silver Belle Missy :due 03/18, could be many combinations!

_________________________________________________ Sierra :Tiger X Missy -AQHA: testing for Herda, parents are neg for remaining of the 5 panel , red dun , her current photo on the for sale page. filly born 4/15 FOR SALE $1600.00

Jessys Hollywood Doc X Lp Silver Blue Pistol: due 03/19. Chance for buckskin/palomino with roan gened combination

_________________________________________________SOLD SOLD!!!! $$$$$$$$ Maverick : Jessy X Pistol -AQHA: dark buckskin and maybe roan! Will test for Gbed, otherwise 4 out of 5 panel negative. This is Jessys first foal!! born 4/16 FOR SALE! $1200.00 WITH CONTRACT FOR gelding clause or $1500 full rights with papers.

Riskey Playboy X Aniemotion D: foaled 4/7, chance for bay or dun, and homozygous tobiano and black

____________________________________________________ CSS My Risky Annabelle- APHA:born 4/7 dun tobiano filly!! She is tested double homozyous black and tobiano and is 5 panel negative.. my keeper!!!