2018 breeding review- PAGE 2

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2018 breeding review- page 2

Below you will see a few pics showing the mares and who they are bred to.  WE are expecting 12 foals. Some will be available and we will be  having some mares for sale in the spring, with or without foals and bred to the farm stallion as part of the deal or not. If you are interested in the mares for sale they can be sold open or bred to the farm stallons. 

all the foals will be registered in the appropriate association.

AS the foals are born we will declare if they are for sale and post pictures on our facebook page.

Farm and personal page

all are 5 panel tested unless other wise stated in the description

service stallion below

css rawhides Nu Chex

(Rawhides Dunnit X mosu Nu Dixie Chex)

aa, Ee, Dndn

aqha grullo 



Cougars mighty Titan

(Cougarand San bar X Poco Doc N Tari)
ee, AA, Rnrn, Crcr, Chch
AQHA palomino champagne roan

css rawhides Nu Chex

(Rawhides Dunnit X mosu Nu Dixie Chex)

aa, Ee, Dndn

aqha grullo 




Snipers Smokin gun

(Colonels Smokin Gun X Miss Starlight Smoke)

ee, Aa, splash 1 & 2


double registered


Color Me Bogie

(Color me Slade X Boogereta)  

hz black, Toto , HRd/n

APHA bay 




mare picture below


(Riskey Playboy X Aniemotion D)

Dndn, EE, ToTo, Aa

due 04/08


Aniemotion D

(Smart highbrow doc X Miss Quixote Express)

Ee, AA, Toto, Dndn

due 04/08


Smart High brow Gal

(Smart Like High Brow X Peppinhickory Josie)

aa, EE, DnDn

due 04/29 (Miss Kitty came up open so apparantly she needs a break! ) of which she deserves



(Dun it ok X Miss Dual Tuff)

Ee, aa, Dndn, CrCr

aqha smokey creme grulla, due 05/08/2019



CSS Silver QT Rosette 

(Dun cuttin Silver x Qts Tuff Rose olena)

aa, Ee, Dndn, Toto

APHA GRULLA , DUE  05/20/19