Farm breeding and boarding services

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Stallion Services


Takes the guessing out of breeding! You cant go wrong with  great temperment, pedigrees, conformation, quality and color.  All in one place, for your next choice to breed to your mares.

We will guarantee live foal guarantee.  

New in 2019 Hickory Dun Classic grulla champagne stallion

Glitter Photos


WE have a fine paint colt we expect to you use in 2019 after he is started Riding. Keep an eye on Tru Gaybar Streke

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 stallion reference below


past stallions

Check out

 Cougars Mighty Titan(sold) (champagne palomino roan) Service details on are below.

Smart Pep Boon (grulla roan) reference stallion for 2018 foals to comeDetails, pedigree and information can be seen on their webpages. both 5 panel neg! leased in 2017

Cash : CSS Rawhides NU Chex (Sold)2015 grulla aqha stallion.. Check out his page for pedigree details!  foals comingin 2019! 



Stallion breeding fees

$100.00 handling fee up front comes off  stallion service fee.

stallion fee  $800.00( no outside mares at this time). Hickory Dun Classic

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 stallion fee $350.00 (limited 2 mares per month) Tru Gay Bar Streke

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 low introductor offer 

boarding 2 weeks free for dry mares and sonogram included.(mare with foal not free)

board is $10 wet mare, $6 dry mare. If you bring your own feed, take off $2 off per day. Private stall paddock with shavings extra $3 per day.

All vet fees, farrier or emergency care, mare owner is responsible, not included in board or breeding fee. Breeding is March 1st to June 30th. Live cover only hand breeding, no shipped semen.

All mares must be 5 panel tested before breeding, to qualify for live foal guarantee, otherwise the contract will be null and void. A copy of the test must accompany paperwork, copy of mares papers  and signed contract with booking payment.


WE are really happy about our foals by Jessy  in 2015, 2016 and 2017 are fabulous!!! We are sad to see him leave but I hope to keep a few fillies by him in 2018.  Titan and Cash have big shoes to fill !!

The association papers must be in the name of the person signed on the contract. 


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Mare care information for the mare owner

Above one of our farm mares Rose pictured with her foal, and the condition we expect any mare to be in on arrival.  

  • boarding varies
  • contract required (make a request)
  • guaranteed live foal
  •  extraordinary feed, housing or requested or necessary services above the normal care.
  • veterinary services if necessary
  • any necessary expense for the health of any visiting mares, including medicine or shoer
  • dewormings and vaccinations if not done

discounts available to money earning or point earner mares, daughters of the same or champion sired, as well as multiple mares.


Mare breeding and boarding
 All mares must be in good health, and breeding condition, neg. coggins, current on vaccinations, deworming and hoof care. All must have negative culture before breeding. Can be done by a vet here or you can have your vet do it. Paperwork required to show test results. Any special care issues must be discussed in advance and may be extra charge for additional requirments. Barren aged mares are recommended to be given reproductive exam by an experience reproductive horse vet and have palpation, sonogram, culture and biopsy before breeding. There are no guarantees on aged barren mares who have not undergone these test for breeding soundness. All mares must be halter broke and tie, cannot have shoes on the hind feet by breeding or they will be pulled at the owners expense or may delay breeding because of the wait on a shoer. We do live cover only and hand breeding supervised to protect both mare and stallion. We guarantee our stallions fertile but if the mare has infection or fertility problem the stallion cannot be held responsible. We intend to get every mare in foal and mare owners need to be aware of other conditions that could effect breeding other than stallion fertility. WE have 100% conception so far on our farm due to stringent breeding methods and protocol. Best chance is young healthy mares who are not under stress and in breeding shape and checked clean on culture..would be a sure thing FYI(without considering hormonal problems).


Mare/horse boarding All hay and feed provided in this price. Vet charges for reproduction or other will be paid by mare owner in addition to stud fee and booking  charge. Ask for contract and care sheet before arrival must be read and agreed on before arrival.


mare care articles that are benefitial to read about for mare owners, and printable records on the second link. click on the link to read further, and if you are a mare owner I recommend you do your homework.