Quarter Horse mares

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AQHA registry

On this page you will find more of our mares. They are the foundation of our program, and most of them ride, or have been ridden. If not then we bought them unbroke. WE select and value them for their temperment, pedigree, conformation, and color is our last choice iceing on the cake so to speak. We take great pride in the quality, pedigrees, and caliber of the foals we are producing here.

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HIckory Chex N Cash

Lilly  (Hickory Dun Classic X MOsu Nu Dixie Chex)                         2021 grullo filly                                                                                                            Ee, aa, Dndn, farm bred                                                                                             5 Panel and imm neg. by parentage testing.                                                              We are so blessed with this amazing filly. She is perfect in every way,              and will be easy to train with her willing attitude. Her sire and dam both        ride, and are great producers as well. WE have retained this filly as we          sold her mom and she is taking her place in our mare band. She is big               and we expect her to be around 15 hands mature.  We hope to have her          started as a 2 year old. When the time comes. Stay tuned.                                            Not for sale at this time



Hickory dun Chablis

Chablis                                                                                                                                                                                                              (hickory dun classic X Mizztified) another farm bred filly!! 5 panel neg and imm neg by parentaage testing Chloe is gold creme dun champagne, she is homozygous dun. WE expect her to mature to 14.2 approx. She is very sweet and gentle and we expect to ad her to our mare band. We hope to have her started next year.  click on her name to see her extended pedigree filled with many performers,  such as High brow hickory, Definitely Dunit, Mr Dual pep Tuf n busy to name a few.  Not for sale at this time.


css Paloduro Dunit


Css Paloduro Dunit


ee, aa, nd1/nd2, CrCr

6 panel neg. ( Hypp,Herda, Gebd, IMM, MH Pssm1)  14.1 h

This filly is  a dream come true, by pedigree, type, temperment and quality.

Her pedigree is full of working, performance champions. Palo duro Cat, High brow Cat,  

Freckles Playboy, Dun It Ok, Definitely dunit, Mister Dual Pep,

Peppy San Badger, Tuf N busy. Her papers are stacked.

Not for sale




Diamonds Chiffon



AQHA 15. h. cremello 

5 panel neg, Imm neg.

granddaughter to

Cd Olena: LTE $170,706
Sired 535 Money Earners, LTE $14,100,000

ranked 3rd among all time high leading living cutting horse money earners

Hall of Fame, NCHA
NCHA Horse of the Year, 1995
NCHA Futurity, '94 1st O Futurity Champion
NCHA Derby, '95 1st O Derby Champion
NCHA money-earner, COA


Doc O lena:  1970 NCHA Futurity Champion. NCHA LTE: $21,991.93.
A Leading Sire and Leading Maternal Grandsire NCHA Money Earners.
AQHA Hall Of Fame.
Sire Of Multiple NCHA Hall Of Fame. 

great Grandsire

Zan Parr Bar: AQHA Show H-245/P-357
ROM Performance
Superior Halter
Superior Steer Roping
AQHA Champion
AQHA Hall Of Fame

Three-time World Champion Halter Stallion: 1977, 1979, 1980 (In 1979: won the Halter and placed 6th in Heading & 7th in Heeling)
1977 AQHA Hi Point Junior Halter Champion and Halter Stallion
1979 AQHA Hi Point Steer Roping Champion

granddam Sparkles Roseanna : M/O $116,000 BY Diamond Sparkle 

dam of the great Shining Spark.

Dam is by Royal Three Charge

(SW) $16,873
Sire & Grandsire of AAA, Sire of Performance ROM, Superior Race, Track Record Setter, Winning Barrel andRope, Pleasure and Dressage Horses.

grand daughter to Ribbon Page Sire of: 1 Youth AQHA Champion, 3 Youth Perf ROM, 5 Open Perf ROM, 1 Youth Halter ROM
Sire of: 277 AQHA foals, 1 ApHC foal, and 3 sets of QH twin foals. Maternal GS of 1 Race money earner, Open, Amt and Youth Halter ROMs, Amt Perf. ROM, IBHA World Champions, PHBA Champions, NRCHA, NSBA, NRHA, and NCHA money earners. 

very bottom goes to well known Two Eyed Jack: AQHA Champion
and AQHA Hall of Fame inductee and Mr 89er a leo/ king bred horse Sire of 2 AQHA Champions, 11 performance ROMs and 30 Race ROMs. Leading maternal gransire; Sire and grandsire of the dams Multiple RC ROMs, including HIGHEASTERJET($1,633,065), All American Fut. winner.

check our foaling pages for future updates on foals. 

sold !!!