2023 Breeding plan

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2023 breeding plan

Thank you for checking out our website.   hope we can help  you find your next show, working, versatility prospect! Browse below to see the stallion and mares bred specifically for the best outcome. Using the best bloodlines, and complimentary crosses to get the  foal of your dream, trainable, correct well balanced , well bred, with sires and most dams having been trained to ride, showing the temperment of what we are expecting. All of our farm raised mares are well mannered have been trained to ride and foals from the past at age have been trained, and most are riders. WE have a few older mares we purchased some time ago and were not started riding but we have had them long enough to handle them and see their trainable and willing nature and to see foals trained out of them and that is why they remain on the farm.. WE look forward to any past contacts reaching out to us for  updated foal/horse pics to see how they are doing also!! WE offer a payout plan with contract starting a few weeks after foals are born, for easier payout plans on the show prospect of your dreams. Enjoy, and thanks again for taking the time to stop by! my email pifersd@ aol.com or phone 479-427- 0318 for texting or calling. 


See charts below

We have more information on all our farm mares on the associated pages, of their breed. Feel free browse the Paint mares or Quarter Mares 1  or quarter mares 2 page to see and read more on them. .. I think you will find something here, that you would love to have for your next show prospect in our up and coming foal 2024 crop. Easy payout plan with contract. WE have color as icing on the cake not the 1st reason for the breeding, as we select each mare for her pedigree and complimentary stallion for her to be bred to for the best outcome.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       See below links in order of picture top to bottom, to show the pedigree of the resulting foals the charts as well as below that for easier viewing of the breedings

Whiskey x Lacey 

Shay X Mizztified

River X Sangria

Cinch X Miss Kitty




See the 2nd chart below of farm bred stallions on our mares.

we are waiting on the last mare to be checked in foal before posting the chart. here are the breedings that we hope to have foals from in 2024, first due to last on the link. Click on the links to see what we are expecting! thanks for looking.

Lucky X Chablis


Lucky X Nova


Shooter X Candy


 Shooter X Rosette


Shooter x Rose


 chart  below shows the farm breedings. thanks for looking!! Exciting year in 2024, stay tuned. Look at our facebook page also. for more updates when the foals are born starting in feb. 

CSS paints and quarter horses